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Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day
January 12, 2018
The Initial Shock
January 26, 2018

When I started my vision and concept for my brand #getbizzylivin, I wanted to slowly grow it into something that would impact others. My now husband and I thought of the name as we set off to backpack Southeast Asia in 2014. We created a travel blog to keep our friends and family in the know with our adventures.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the name took on a more powerful meaning after my Mom’s fight with colon cancer. I stopped blogging for years, not really feeling the need or urge to do so. After my Mom passed away, we made the decision to move to Oahu. It was after our first few months on island that I thought more and more about writing again. I began blogging about our time here and there, filling others in on life...but I wasn’t really feeling a purpose for my updates. Then I began to tap into my emotions and my journey with grieving thus far, and started to get some feedback. All of this is to help you through your journey, as much as it is helping me through mine.

I now feel everything coming back around full circle. I am proud to share my words, because more than anyone, my parents always loved and supported my writing. I know my Momma would be really freakin' proud, and in the end that means the most to me. I feel like I am making a difference most days by being brutally honest with my journey. We may not be fighting the same battles, but one day you may need my words and the meaning behind them. I am very young to lose a parent, but I feel called to follow my passion and share my story. It is never easy to write on such a difficult topic, but most weeks the words just come to me. I hope they continue to impact you in one way, or another.

My goal is to set fire to a flame. Maybe you don’t necessarily know what that flame is yet in your life, and that is okay. But I am ready and excited to have this movement spread to all of you. If you ever feel compelled to share your take on grabbing life by the horns, please tag your journey, adventure, or story with #getbizzylivin. This journey is just beginning, and I am extremely grateful to have all of you along for the ride. Now it is your turn to bring me along for yours. Remember, you are responsible for the next chapter in your book, so go out and write something that matters to you.

Here's  to livin'!

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