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No One Is Perfect
October 27, 2017
You Are Never Alone: We All Grieve
November 10, 2017

Time, where do you go?

I remember growing up, living for the summers so I could have a few months off with my Momma. She was an elementary special education teacher, so you better believe we made the most of these months. It was a tradition of ours to make a “Summer Break List”. We (which totally meant I) would come up with a list of all of the summer adventures we wanted to check off. Back then time seemed to go by so slowly, and I loved it. Long summer days spent adventuring with my Mom and Dad. It was my favorite!

Fast forward 20 years and my summers are now year around! The fact that John and I have been Hawaii residents for a year now is crazy to me. Time has FLOWN. There are always days that drag, or make it more difficult than others to see and feel that sunshine, but I make it through.

I still catch myself shaking my head with a smile on my face, reflecting on this huge decision we made. Hawaii?! I really don’t feel that far away from our Pennsylvania roots. It is really bizarre some days, but that is just the way I like it. Let me tell you, this past year has taught me so much about myself as a person. It has taught me how to be strong, how to lean on others when I need to, how to let go of things, how to grow in my faith. My list goes on.

Time goes FAST. I guess what I am getting at is why wait? I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You are not promised tomorrow – none of us are. That is reality. As each of us gets older, the years go by faster and faster.

Making the giant leap to move to Hawaii frightened me. If I am being honest, I didn’t have much time to think it through (which I now see as a blessing). I lost my Mom mid August, and immediately stopped working. I didn’t know what to do. My concentration became figuring out how to live out the coming days, and how to help my Dad with any and everything that I could. September and October were a complete blur. Time went by fast, but oh did those days go by slow. It was awful. But before I knew it November came, and my husband and I were boarding our plane headed West, FAR West!

The concept of time is a tough subject. We try to speed it up (hello East Coast winters – who’s with me?) but we also try to slow it down. We want to savor those sweet, special moments. I have kind of lost the concept of time while living the island life. My lifestyle is simple. The days have become somewhat routine, but it works for me. Every aspect of my life is slower.

Friends: Do not let time slip away from you. My parents taught me that at a young age, when they encouraged me to dream. Go out, and do. Take that risk. Check that bucket item off your list. Forgive that person (maybe even yourself) for that wrongdoing. Be HAPPY. Live.

Time won’t wait. Neither should you.


*Many thanks to Pilialoha Photography for capturing beautiful moments of this time in our life!

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