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Lean On Others When You’re Not Strong
November 26, 2017
“I’m Sorry For Your Loss”
December 8, 2017

Life is all about the little things. I have always been the type of person that gets overly excited for things. Personally, I think it’s a really fun quality to possess. My husband may think otherwise when every birthday and Christmas morning roll around ☺

I try to remember life is all about the little things, and realizing just how much it can mean to others. I try to make other people’s day by flashing a quick smile, because I know how much that means to me when someone does it.

Taking time to yourself to just soak in all of the moments around is so darn good for your soul. No one is perfect, and neither is his or her life…but we really have a lot to be grateful for. Realizing all of this at a young age on a daily basis can do so much GOOD. It can help others who aren’t quite there to get there. It can help spread the light that is so needed in a ton of outlets in today’s world.

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are officially in December. I am currently listening to Christmas music, sipping my coffee, and smiling just writing these words to you. To me, blogging has become a part of my weekly routine and it is something that I didn’t know was missing from my life. It is no small task, but I make it a priority to take the time to do this “little thing” each and every Friday. I write in hopes that it is supplying some of you with what you need. Whether it be courage to speak up about something, positivity to get you through that really tough time you are experiencing, inspiration to chase after that dream and run as fast as you can towards it, or simply a reason to smile and be grateful for this beautiful life we are able to live. Please reach out and let me know, because this small thing has already done so much for my journey and me. My Mom got so much joy out of my writing, and it was one of the driving forces for me to take this time to build my site and my vision. I am so very proud to send all of my love to you, always thinking of my beautiful Momma with each post.

So back to these little things in this season…the options are truly endless. It can be something special like sponsoring a child or family for Christmas, taking a day to volunteer in your community, opening your heart to forgiveness where it is needed, even buying a coffee for the person in line behind you. It can change their terrible morning into a great day. That is one of my personal favorites! What you have to realize is that you have the power to gift that smile, that hug, that love that so many of us need on a daily basis.

I have been on a card kick lately where I just really enjoy sending my thoughts to my loved ones. Sending a note or letter is such a personal way to let someone know you are thinking of them. There is nothing better than receiving snail mail, in my opinion! That is one of the reasons why I get super duper excited to receive Christmas cards. Seeing the happiness of others really gets to me.

If any of you ever feel the need or have the desire to reach out, please do…I would LOVE to hear from you!

57-068 Eleku Kuilima Place Apt 134 Kahuku, HI 96731

As mentioned, I do all of this because it brings me such joy in my season of grieving. This time of year is especially difficult, and makes me miss my Mom so very much. Many of you know this because you are also missing someone at the moment. While that Christmas magic is always present in this month, we must remember those who are struggling. Taking the time to make someone's day reminds us of how life is all about the little things. It may be simple, but you have the power to gift kindness on a daily basis. It should bring you instant satisfaction. Personally, I cannot think of anything better than that!

Thankful, grateful, blessed to have each of YOU in my life. Happy December, friends!

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