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Your Take On #GetBizzyLIVIN
January 19, 2018
Love Is All You Need
February 2, 2018

Shock…an emotion that I lived with for quite some time. How can you not? Anger, confusion, disbelief, overwhelming sadness- all parts of the aftermath. It weaves in and out with the initial shock, sucking you in. This is what no one tells you about. This is what is never talked about after a loved one passes. I get it, no one wants to. Honestly, talking about my feelings and taking you through the motions has been one of the best things.

At first it is a blur. A really raw, emotional blur. No one, and nothing can prepare you for this. What is crazy is how much I can still remember a year and a half later, whether I want to or not. I learned a really important lesson about death, which I will touch on more in the future. It is one of the most peaceful things I have ever witnessed. As emotional as I was, I felt peace and calmness come down upon me. I still feel my Mom with me in every sense, so like many things I took this as a sign all was, and will continue to be okay.

Numbness is common, it fell upon me immediately, then disbelief. Surrounded by a lot of family, the days were spent with each other. My family was busy talking with others, having to do certain things that no one wants to do when a loved one passes. A really tough aspect of life.

You may feel overwhelmed with people reaching out, and that is okay. I felt extremely overwhelmed, and did not respond to anyone for quite some time. There is no need. There are no expectations. Most importantly, you should feel everyone’s love, and know you are supported by so many. It is what will get you through.

Eventually, the initial shock will pass. You are trained to live day in and day out, despite the challenges that are thrown your way. Going through the motions of grief are exhausting. If you are anything like me, your feelings and days will continue to be a rollercoaster. That is okay. In the end, you are unique in how you live out your days, and we all grieve in our own way…in our own time.

Most importantly, find hope and inspiration in others who have fought similar battles. You can, and will get through it.

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