September 29, 2017

The 3 Most Adventurous Things I Have Done

While I understand adventure is not for the faint hearted, I cannot even begin to explain what it has done for my life. Adventure sets my soul on fire. The beauty behind adventure is that it carries a different meaning […]
September 15, 2017

Your Weekend Adventure Guide To The Big Island

When you hear about Hawai’i aka the Big Island to most, you think of volcanoes and the outdoors. Yes, you will be seeing a lot of those components on this island, but there is so much to explore. I’m going […]
August 27, 2017

Why Experiences Matter So Much More Than Materialistic Things

I recently got news that I would officially be getting Sunday’s off. I know, not a big deal for most because you have your weekends off. However, it is a HUGE deal for me! This is one thing I have […]
August 5, 2017

Protecting Your Valuables In Hawaii: What You Need To Know

Well, this was never a topic I hoped to write about while living here, but this is what you need to know about protecting your valuables in Hawaii. After getting our car broken into, I now feel the urge to […]
July 22, 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Add Japan To Your Bucket List

You can always do research on a place, in fact, you should always do research on a destination before you travel there. However, you never really know what to expect until you arrive. That is exactly how I felt about […]
April 1, 2017

Laie Falls

I can’t really call myself a hiker…but I have turned into one here in Hawaii. My husband loves to check out new spots around the island, and it needs to be done because the amount of trails here are never […]