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Wishing You A JOYous Season
December 22, 2017
Where Is Your Journey Taking You?
January 5, 2018

How are we starting this journey into 2018?! I really cannot believe it. I know we say it again and again, each year goes faster than the last. But seriously you guys, I am still trying to figure out where fall and winter went. Whether or not we are ready, the new year is here to stay. So I am raising a glass to you, as we pop, fizz, clink into 2018.

Many of you may have had a successful year, maybe it was monumental with an engagement, wedding, or new member joining your tribe. On the other hand, I know there are some of you that just really need that new leaf or page to turn. That was me, this time last year. I know your pain, your stress and anxiety, your desire to start this new chapter.

No matter where you find yourself, do all in your power to make this your year. That does not mean make it all about you, instead make it all about your happiness and truth. What drives you to be a better person? Who makes you want to get back up after you fall down? What item can you cross off your bucket list? It is these things that help to shape your life, your journey.

Maybe you have hopes and dreams, some of them new while others may have been on your list for years. I challenge you to come up with some new aspirations. No, not New Year's Resolutions because you probably do that every year and then never look at your list again until it's June. All of a sudden you found that list buried under a pile of to-do's. Maybe that is just me...but you can do better than that!

Looking back and reflecting on this past year, I want to thank you all, truly. Thank you for the kind words, your gratitude, and questions. Your interest and love for my writing makes me feel like the luckiest human on this side of the globe. I am really proud of myself and the growth I have found. Living in our tropical paradise is not always easy, as you know. John and I have leaned on each other so much throughout this process, an incredible gift for our marriage and future. But not only that, there are days that test me. Learning to find that light within myself is something I take great pride in. Seriously taking the time to write and spread love onto all of you is one of my greatest joys and accomplishments throughout these past months.

In 2018, I aspire to dig deeper into our Hawaiian roots and community. I dare to face some fears (some of which I am already plotting). I want to check another beautiful place off of our travel bucket list. I want to remain happy in my surroundings, and continue to live my life that way- as we make decisions about our marriage and future. I want to brainstorm and eventually execute some ideas I have about future projects, and help to build a timeline for myself. Lastly, I want to acknowledge the now, and take time to do what truly makes me happy.

Now it is your turn. Seek happiness, and put your health first. It starts with loving yourself, then loving the people that make you a better person. Find a community that proves to do just that. Then go and do something that you have always wanted to do. This is NOT the year for you to just brush it aside. Because let me tell you, it is never going to happen if you don't make that scary decision to go for it. You can do it. I did it, and I am going on living thousands miles away in a place that I love. Oahu has let me take the time I so badly needed to put my thoughts and emotions into the beauty that surrounds. It has helped me to slow down and really stop and think. These days, months, years are precious. Don't waste them by being unhappy, or telling yourself you will get somewhere someday. That day is never going to come if you keep living that way.

This is your year...I believe in you. Go out and show the world what you're made of. I promise it will be worth it. So again, I am raising a glass to you, as we pop, fizz, clink into 2018. Cheers, beautiful friends!

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  1. Kash says:

    beautifully said!!! XO

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