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It’s Not Always Rainbows and Sunshine
October 20, 2017
Time, Where Do You Go?
November 3, 2017

It makes me sad sometimes to think about the world that we live in. Don’t get me wrong, technology has helped and continues to help in so many ways, with so many things. But sometimes the advances of technology make me question a lot. Over the past month, I have heard from a few of my best friends that some days they want to delete their social media, because they catch themselves feeling jealous over other people’s moments and lives. It made me upset. Not only because they are some of the best people I know, but more importantly they are feeling less worthy due to pictures and what people are choosing to paint. So not cool, especially because NO ONE is perfect! None of us. Not possible.

I have battled jealousy when I was at one of my lowest moments upon returning home from Dubai, but I have never struggled with this social media jealousy that affects a lot of us. People have become artists on social media; they have a way of painting a picture. We have to remember these photos are chosen. Many never take the time to show you the behind the scenes moments, where things might not be so glamorous. That is what we need to be reminded of. No one is perfect. No one’s life is perfect. We are all battling tough times, and that is what I am trying to demonstrate and show to as many as possible.

I struggle with this topic because I don’t even like the phrase “you’re perfect”…which I see people comment often. It is typically on a celebrity or public figure’s page. The things we don’t think about is how these people have to portray a certain lifestyle because of fame. They have to always be ready for cameras, even if it is as simple as a nightly neighborhood walk. Hey, media. Or “your life is perfect”…which can often be associated with travel blogging accounts and people who are always traveling. Again, it’s not a perfect life. They have to live out of a suitcase, and still work really hard, just on the road. 24-7. They have to be thousands of miles away from family and friends on a constant basis.

Living in Hawaii and tapping into my own life is my last example. Island life is truly amazing. It allows me to slow down, and be outside each and every day. It allows me to discover more about Mother Nature, and how incredibly beautiful this world is. It allows me to find the inspiration to write and take photos to hopefully inspire you in #thisjoyfuljourneyofmine. However, no one is perfect. My life is not perfect, not even close. I really miss my community and biggest cheerleaders who know me best, living about 4,875 miles apart. I still have those really low moments and days that I can’t shake because I’m human. I just want to have my Mom here to still do life with, and my Dad be closer so I can give him more squeezes.

But that’s my rollercoaster. My not so perfect life, filled with the not so perfect moments. I just wanted to write this post in case any of you have had a similar occasion where you get sucked into social media (trust me, I am guilty) and just wonder about the pretty moments. Please remember to tell yourself life is messy, and no one is perfect. It is so hard to not compare, but try your best not to do it.

Most importantly, continue to let your uniqueness shine onto others. You are so valuable. I think so, and so does the rest of the world.

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