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The 3 Most Adventurous Things I Have Done

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September 22, 2017
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October 6, 2017

While I understand adventure is not for the faint hearted, I cannot even begin to explain what it has done for my life. Adventure sets my soul on fire. The beauty behind adventure is that it carries a different meaning for everyone. I have always had an interest in adventuring and following a different path since I was younger. Maybe it’s the only child in me! But without further ado, here are the three most adventurous things I have done.

The most adventurous thing I have ever done is when I chose to uproot my life after college, and move to Dubai. I left John, my parents, family and friends behind and went to work for one of the best airlines in the world. Fly Emirates, at least once in your life. Put it on that bucket list! The move wasn’t physically dangerous, or risky, but it was accompanied with so much uncertainty which made it a huge solo adventure for me. I moved on my own, not knowing a single soul. I absolutely loved my job, but eventually hit some low’s and knew I needed to make the difficult choice to head back to the States. I will never regret my decision to take that first job out of college. I proved to myself that I could do it. Many people thought I was crazy for going on my own, but I saw some of the most amazing places as layovers, and I met some wonderful friends that I will always have, and be able to visit around the world. I learned so much about myself, and my priorities in life. To me, that is priceless.


The next thing on my most epic adventure list is when I went skydiving. Talk about a RUSH…pure adrenaline, and an indescribable experience. Ironically enough, I sky dived when John and I visited the North Shore for the first time. I jumped with Pacific Skydiving, and had an incredible time. My instructor even jumped with his flip-flops, or slippers as we call them on the island. Does a cooler job exist?! I don’t think so. I was giggling the whole time, as I brutally attempted to make a shaka in my skydiving video. The end result? See for yourself, haha! I jumped in the tiny, and I mean TINY plane and up we went. I opted for Pacific’s “Ultimate Jump” which is the highest and longest jump you can do without oxygen. You gotta go all in, right? Before I knew it, we were at the 14,000 ft. mark and people started jumping out of the plane. In all honestly, you are falling out of the plane before you can say or think about anything else. With the exception of Queenstown, New Zealand aka the adventure capital of the world, I could not think of a more perfect place to skydive. The views of Oahu and the North Shore are unparalleled. SO beautiful! As I said, it truly is indescribable, and is one of the best adrenaline pumpers. I also did this adventure solo…are you seeing a theme here? My Mom always told me, “you can do anything you put your mind to, Kelcie.” That is something I hold with me, value, and believe to be true.


The final, and most recent addition to my list of the most adventurous things I have done is night snorkeling with manta rays on the Big Island. Sharks may be next? Ugh, a constant battle in the Ibbetson household. I WILL do it one day! I wasn’t nervous for the mantas; I was just really excited and curious. Manta rays are massive creatures, which glide so beautifully and gracefully though the ocean waters. I briefly wrote about our experience in my Guide to the Big Island. To touch on it a little more, you are looking down at these creatures, which have sharp tails, but do not have the power to bite or sting you, like stingrays. What amazed me the most about it all is how close they come to you! You lay flat and float on the surface of the ocean, while they swim RIGHT under you, and I mean touch your tummy as they feed on plankton. The plankton is drawn to the lights on the floats that you hold onto, and the mantas are drawn to the plankton to feed. See how that little equation works?


Again, this is not a physical or adrenaline type of adventure, but it was a big deal for me. I respect the ocean so much, and it was a little wilder for me to be out there at night than it is for most. This once in a lifetime experience is unique to the Big Island, Maldives, and Palau. Those are the only places that offer this night phenomenon! That is why it was so important for John and I to cross this off our always-growing list. So something tells me I will be topping these experiences soon… but for now, those moments are the three most adventurous things I have done. What’s next? Maybe some bungee jumping, swimming with whale sharks, the possibilities are endless! I am always looking for exciting activities to do as we travel to new destinations. Do you have any favorites, or want to share your greatest adventures? Please let me know!

Keep adventuring, friends. It keeps you young, and makes you learn and appreciate new things about yourself! What can be more beautiful than that?

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  1. Barb Schreck says:

    Hi Kelcie and John!
    Thank you so much for continuing to include me in your posts. I really love hearing about what you’re doing. So exciting!! Your Mom would be so proud and happy!
    Watching Dancing just isn’t the same, but I feel her with me when I watch.
    Wishing you all the best, and hope to hear from you again soon!

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