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January 5, 2018
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January 19, 2018

Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day. Who has that fabulous 90’s sitcom theme song in their head now? Sorry, but I loved that show!

In all seriousness, I found this to be the perfect title for describing my grieving process. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t still grieving, I'll always be. And that's life. I will say it again and again, my heart will never heal but time makes it less painful. Forcing myself to stay busy, be surrounded by others, while remembering the best times is what works for me. What you need to remember as you read this is that we are all made differently, beautifully unique. Just like we are meant for different journeys, we live out our days differently as well. Some of us choose to bottle up all of our emotions, while others need to speak with others to get over life’s hurdles. I am a mix of both.

I mentioned it helps me to stay busy. This is something I have realized as more time passes. I really enjoy my day job, so I look forward to going to work. Living on the North Shore yields a lot of down time with goddess Mother Nature, but I have to be careful it is not too much. You might find time to yourself is what you need to reflect in your time of grief or hardship. Do it. Follow what feels right, and make time for yourself if that brings you happiness.

For most of you, you crave alone time in life. That was me a few years ago, but to be honest I have always loved my time with others. Surrounding myself with all of you brings me joy, and works much better for me. That being said, I cannot spend too much time inside alone. It leads to me overthinking, and just getting myself extremely worked up. This is all normal when life throws you curve balls, yes….but it is not me. I create emptiness, anxiousness, and anger, which is not healthy. I usually can talk myself out of all of this on my own, but that is not the case for all of us. I have spoken with a few of you over the past couple of months, and it comes down to figuring out what works for the unique situation you are in. My realization is that I thrive when I am with my family and friends, out adventuring, keeping my mind on the present.

It comes down to what works for YOU. Above all else, you need to believe you are going to overcome this. Believe in yourself, and chase what makes you happy. Once you do that, find the people that continue to bring light into your life, and make time to be with them. Lastly, remember the good times- the sweet memories that ultimately shaped your life. For me, they are endless and I count my blessings every day for them. I know that is not the case for all of us. If you do not have positive memories, or those good times to reminisce about it is time for you to create them. It is never too late to start fresh, and that is something that brings me so much excitement. Memories are cherished forever.

I believe that we choose our outlook on life, no matter how big the battles are…you must remember to take it step-by-step, day-by-day. Grief rocks our days, our weeks, our months, but it can and will not overcome us. That is not what my Mom wants for me, and I know it is not meant for any of you. It often helps to reach out and find people that are going through similar situations. This helped me tremendously. It is the driving force of why I write. Lean on them. Let others guide you, lift you, and love you…because in the end, we are all deserving of our happiness.

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