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You Are Never Alone: We All Grieve
November 10, 2017
Lean On Others When You’re Not Strong
November 26, 2017

The term “Aloha Friday” started back in the 1940’s, when Honolulu as a city and county allowed workers to dress more casually. It makes sense because the summer months in Hawaii are the warmest as far as temperatures are concerned. This is what really made “aloha wear” acceptable. Aloha wear is considered tropical shirts, dresses, anything in your mind that represents the Hawaiian Islands. It started on a small scale, growing from Friday’s to summers to year round in the 1970’s. It became a fashion staple, and is still acceptable as a form of business attire at many establishments across the islands. I LOVE it naturally and I’m proud to wear it every day! Fun Fact: The coolest part about Aloha Friday’s is that it started the global revolution of “Casual Friday’s”, when employees are allowed to dress down to prepare for their weekend. I never knew any of this before I moved to Oahu. Interesting, right?!

What has impacted me the most is not the dress code, or the final day of the workweek. My overall lifestyle has changed over these past twelve months. How? Honestly, in a lot of ways. Whenever you move out of your community aka comfort zone, you realize a lot about yourself. I first experienced this in Dubai in 2012, as it was probably the most vulnerable stage of my post college life. Hawaii living has changed much more in me though; I have so much time to reflect. Time to think. Time to go out, and explore. Time to dream with the sunrise, and sunset. These are just some of the benefits of aloha living, and what I breathe in every day.

Sometimes making a move or taking that leap of lifestyle change will prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made. Island life has shown me it is SO good to slow down every once in awhile. Everything is so fast paced on the East Coast and even the Mainland in general, now that I have officially adapted to island time. Just kidding- you can’t quite shake the punctual Pennsylvania girl out of me. Island life has also shown me it is really cool to meet and learn about people from all walks of life. With living on the North Shore, I have met so many individuals from all over the Mainland, not to mention the world. There is nothing I love more than bonding with others, and having them share their life story with me. I get it, that’s not for everyone- but sometimes, it opens the door to so much more and you figure out similarities that exist in so many of us. What is cooler than that? Lastly, island life has shown me that it is a pretty incredible thing to be enamored by your surroundings. That being nature….the sand, the sun, the ocean, the wind, the rain (although most of our rain comes at night!).

Being in the sunshine, and feeling that warmth nearly every day has helped me in many ways during my grieving process. All of these are benefits of aloha living, and I could not be more grateful. I have discovered new outdoor and adventurous hobbies that I would have never found if we hadn’t moved here. Truthfully, I feel comforted by the wind because it reminds me of my Mom for whatever reason. The windy season aka our fall and winter is now in full session, yay! It is the little things. I appreciate everything SO much more after going through this process. Living this lifestyle is something that I take great pride in. It has taught me strength, perseverance, determination. I am more aware of my surroundings, and the need for protecting this amazing world that we live in. My lifestyle is healthier, which I am proud of. Honestly, I feel like I have grown into a woman that knows the friendships I want to be surrounded by, the traditions I want to establish, and the life I want to create. A life full of passion and love, days filled with kindness for others, and the fragileness of the moments that surround. A lifestyle that was introduced by my parents, it is now serving as a forever example to me.

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